Molten Egg is an Uncommon Relic. Whenever you add an attack card into your deck. It will give you an upgraded Attack card for free.

This relic does not spawn beyond floor 48, excluding Endless mode.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 53: Blizzard
    • Fix for Egg relics causing an issue with cards in the Library event screen.
  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Egg relics no longer spawn beyond floor 48 (excludes Endless mode).
  • Weekly Patch 40: Forethought
    • Gremlin Match and Keep event now has cards upgraded correctly.
  • Weekly Patch 32: Face Trader
    • Buying an egg relic in the shop will now correctly show cards in the shop upgraded.
  • Weekly Patch 31: Custom Mode
    • Match and Keep cards are now viewed as upgraded w/ Egg relics.
  • Weekly Patch 27: Hello World
    • Egg relics now show pre-upgraded cards for Sensory Stone event's choices.
  • Weekly Patch 24: Potions?!
    • The three egg relics will now show the cards they are affecting as upgraded in card reward screens and shops.
  • Weekly Patch 13: Thinking Ahead
    • Egg relics (Toxic, Molten, Frozen) can now appear at Neow and some other scenarios.
  • Weekly Patch 10: Quality of Life
    • All 3 Egg relics (Molten/Toxic/Frozen) are now reworked. New eggs are Uncommon.
    • Molten Egg: Whenever you add an Attack card to your deck, it is Upgraded.
  • Weekly Patch 1: The First of Many!
    • You can no longer cancel out of the selection screen for Egg relics.
    • Molten Egg is now Common (was Uncommon)
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