Miracle is a special 0-cost card for the Watcher. It grants Energy when played and Exhaust. Like many cards generated by her cards and relics, it has Icon Retain.png Retain.

It cannot be obtained by itself; instead, Miracles are added to your hand via other means.

Sources[edit | edit source]

  • Deus Ex Machina: Adds 2(3) Miracle to your hand when drawn.
  • Collect: Adds 1 Miracle+ at the start of the turn for X(+1) turns.
  • PureWater-0.png Pure Water: Adds 1 Miracle to your hand at the start of combat.
  • Holy water.png Holy Water: Adds 3 Miracles to your hand at the start of combat.
  • BottledMiracle.png Bottled Miracle: Add 2 Miracles to your hand.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Miracle is a simple Energy-generating card. However, its Icon Retain.png Retain allows you to keep it in your hand until the moment you would like to use it. Early on, it is perfect for an extra attack in Wrath to finish off an enemy. Later on, it can enable you to a key card that is expensive, or allow you to use an extra card to gain Icon Block.png Block or to change Stance.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

  • Crush Joints can be played immediately after for Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable, and its 1 cost means you would always be able to play it after a use of Miracle.
  • Sanctity can be played immediately after for card draw. With Energy gained from Miracle you could play an additional card or two.
  • Conjure Blade benefits greatly from this card, as you can wait until a safe turn, or when you have accumulated high energy, before playing it for a deadly Expunger.
  • As it sits in your hand, it grants you Icon Block.png Block from CloakClasp.png Cloak Clasp and increase Icon Block.png Block gained from Spirit Shield.
  • IceCream.png Ice Cream allows you to accumulate energy for future turns. With it, you can play all Miracles in advance so it does not clog up your hand.
  • DeadBranch.png Dead Branch generates a card after Miracle is used, which you may use right after with Energy gained.

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