Icon Minion.png Minion is a Buff inherent to summoned enemies. It has no positive effect, and is used only to indicates the behaviour the enemy that has it.

Gameplay-wise, Icon Minion.png Minions abandon combat without their leader. This means that if only enemies with Icon Minion.png Minion remain, they will flee or disappear and the combat is won by the player.

Effects attached to keyword Fatal only activates on non-Icon Minion.png Minion. For example, Feed only raises Max HP on killing a non-Icon Minion.png Minion.

When the leader of the Icon Minion.png Minion attempts to summon them, their intent will turn Intent - Unknown.png Unknown.

List of Icon Minion.png Minion summoner[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Apart from the mechanical Bronze Automaton, all of the enemies that can summon Icon Minion.png Minion are female.
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