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Mind Bloom is an event found exclusively in Act 3. Your imagination manifests into reality. In this ephemeral moment, all your wishes can come true, though not without consequences.


Numbers in parentheses are for Ascension 15 or higher.

  • [I am War] Fight a Boss from Act 1. Obtain a Rare Relic, normal rewards and 50 (25) gold.

The first option will always be [I am War], and the second option will always be [I am Awake]. However, the third option will either be [I am Rich] on floors 35 - 40 or [I am Healthy] on floor 41 and above.

If [I am War] is selected, Pantograph.png Pantograph and SlaversCollar.png Slaver's Collar will work as if it is another Boss encounter.


While walking and traversing through the chaos of the Spire, your thoughts suddenly begin to feel very... real...
Imaginings of monsters and riches begin to manifest themselves into reality.
The sensation is quickly fleeting. What do you do?
I am Rich / I am Healthy
Can it really be this easy?
I am Awake
Everything makes sense now.
The lack of memories, the ascent, the Ancient One.
This is the way it always was.
This is the way it always will be.
All will be forgotten again soon...


  • [I am War] is generally the safest option. It gives the player a random Rare Relic and 50 Gold with little cost; by the time the player is in Act 3, their deck will typically be strong enough to slaughter the Act 1 boss with ease. The relic it gives may be skipped if the player is attempting the "Who Needs Relics?" Achievement.
  • [I am Awake] is typically the most dangerous of the three options, as there is no way to negate its downside. Unless the player is very confident in their deck, or this event is found near the end of the act, taking this option is not viable. In addition, this option gives the player the MarkoftheBloom.png Mark of the Bloom relic, so it cannot be taken if the player is attempting the "Who Needs Relics?" achievement.
  • [I am Rich] is a strong option if the player has ways to handle Curses (Omamori.png Omamori, Du-VuDoll.png Du-Vu Doll, any reliable way to remove curses) and is even more powerful with ways to leverage the gold efficiently (MembershipCard.png Membership Card, TheCourier.png The Courier, plenty of upcoming Merchants). The money it gives the player is also useful for increasing your score. Be careful, as the Normalities this option grants are dangerous.
  • [I am Healthy] is useful if the player is very low on HP, but it is not useful in other circumstances, unless the player has Du-VuDoll.png Du-Vu Doll or is not confident in their ability to fight an Act 1 boss.

Update History[]

  • Patch V1.1: The Dealer
    • Bottled Cards upgraded from Mind Bloom event have their description updated correctly.
  • Weekly Patch 50: The Final Act
    • Because new music was added into the game, it is now also available in our Official Soundtrack. Newly added tracks include: Mind Bloom
  • Weekly Patch 47: Metamorphosis
    • Mind Bloom event combat now correctly gives appropriate gold for the battle.
  • Weekly Patch 43: Discovery
    • Mind Bloom event now correctly shows curse previews for its event options.
  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Adding special BGM when fighting a boss via Mind Bloom event.
  • Weekly Patch 36: Power Through
    • Fixed an incorrect interaction with Mark of the Bloom and the Moai Head event in Act 3.
  • Weekly Patch 35: Aggregate
    • Mind Bloom event's boss battle no longer counts as a boss for scoring or achievements.
  • Weekly Patch 29: TURBO
    • Mind Bloom no longer shows status/curse cards upgrading.
    • Mind Bloom upgrade now only shows up to 20 cards as it's CPU intensive.
  • Weekly Patch 28: The Ritual
    • New Act 3 event: Mind Bloom
    • New Relic: Mark of the Bloom



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