Mind Bloom is an Act 3 Event. It provides a selection of 3 options out of a pool of 4.

[I am War] Fight a Boss from Act 1. Obtain a Rare Relic, normal rewards and 100 Gold.

[I am Awake] Upgrade all Cards. You can no longer heal. (Grants Mark of the Bloom)

[I am Rich] Gain 999 gold. Cursed - 2 Normality.

[I am Healthy] Heal to full HP. Cursed - Doubt.

The first option will always be [I am War], and the second option will always be [I am Awake]. However, the third option will either be [I am Rich] if on floors 35 - 40 or [I am Healthy] if on floor 41 and above.

Strategy Edit

  • [I am War] is generally the safest option. It gives the player a random Rare Relic and 100 Gold with little cost; by the time the player is in Act 3, their deck will typically be strong enough to slaughter the Act 1 boss with ease. The relic it gives may be skipped if the player is attempting the "Who Needs Relics?" Achievement.
  • [I am Awake] is typically the most dangerous of the three options, as there is no way to negate its downside. Unless the player is very confident in their deck, or this event is found near the end of the floor, taking this option is not viable. In addition, this option gives the player the Mark of the Bloom relic, so it cannot be taken if the player is attempting the "Who Needs Relics?" achievement.
  • [I am Rich] is a strong option if the player has Omamori, The Courier, Du-Vu Doll, or any reliable way to remove curses. The money it gives the player is also useful for increasing your score. Be careful, as the Normalities this option grants are dangerous.
  • [I am Healthy] is useful if the player is very low on HP, but it is not useful in other circumstances, unless the player has Du-Vu Doll or is not confident in their ability to fight an Act 1 Boss.