Meteor Strike is an Attack card for The Defect that deals a huge amount of damage, channels a lot of Plasma Orbs, and has a notoriously restrictive Energy cost.

Upgrading Meteor Strike increases its damage from 24 to 30.

Strategy Edit

  • Meteor Strike requires The Defect to generate two extra Energy just to play it! The payoff is worth the effort - big damage, three Evokes, and six Energy to play with the following turn.
  • Since Meteor Strike provides no defense, expect to take some damage the first time it's played. Subsequent plays will actually generate Energy, since remaining Plasma Orbs will probably be Evoked.
  • Plasma Orbs consistently generate Energy turn after turn, so Meteor Strike stabilizes a single-turn Energy boost like Double Energy
    into an Energy advantage that can last through the rest of the game.
  • Meteor Strike obviously requires Energy generation. Relics are best, but in practice, a combination of Relics and Skills will probably be necessary. TURBO
    is actually a good choice, as the Plasma Orbs offset Void
    's Energy loss.
  • Subsequent Meteor Strikes will likely Evoke some Plasma Orbs and refund their own costs. Add Skim
    and Machine Learning
    to keep the combo going.
  • Playing Meteor Strike with an active Echo Form
    is frankly ridiculous.
  • One of Meteor Strike's strongest synergies is Tempest
    . Tempest Evokes the Plasma orbs, enabling a 12-Energy turn. Meteor Strike then Evokes the Lightning Orbs, dealing 45 total damage and restoring the Plasma.
  • Because Plasma Orbs aren't affected by Focus, consider playing Meteor Strike alongside Hyperbeam
  • Snecko Eye can reduce Meteor Strike's cost enough to play without Energy generation. Snecko Eye will also never raise its cost, making the combo pure upside.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 28: The Ritual
    • Fixed issue where Strike (blue), Thunder Strike, and Meteor Strike weren't used by Perfected Strike.
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