The Shop is one of the Map Locations, and it is the primary way for the player to spend their Gold.

Wares for Sale

5 Colored cards (Class-specific)

  • There will always be 2 Attack cards, 2 Skill cards, and 1 Power card.
  • Price Range:
    • Common: 45 - 55 Gold.
    • Uncommon: 68 - 82 Gold.
    • Rare: 135 - 165 Gold.
  • One of the cards will always be On Sale, reducing its cost by 50%.

2 Colorless Cards

  • There will always be an uncommon Colorless card on the left, and a rare one on the right.
  • Price Range:
    • Uncommon: 81 - 99 Gold.
    • Rare: 162 - 198 Gold.

3 Relics

  • The Relic on the right will always be a Shop Relic. This is the only source of Shop Relics.
  • Price Range:
    • Common: 143 - 157 Gold.
    • Uncommon: 238 - 262 Gold.
    • Rare: 285 - 315 Gold.
    • Shop: 190 - 210 Gold.

3 Potions

  • Price Range:
    • Common: 48 - 52 Gold.
    • Uncommon: 72 - 78 Gold.
    • Rare: 95 - 105 Gold.

Card Removal Service

  • Can only be used once per Merchant.
  • Costs 75 gold initially, increases cost by 25 gold every time it is used.


  • The Courier: When you buy a Card, Relic, or Potion, it is replaced by a random item of the same type. In addition, all items have a 20% discount. This stacks with Membership Card.
    • The Colorless cards may be replaced by a colorless card of a different rarity, however, and the Shop Relic will be replaced by a Common, Uncommon, or Rare relic.
  • Membership Card: All shop items and services have a 50% discount. Stacks with The Courier.
  • Smiling Mask: The Card Removal Service now always costs 50 gold (for this run).
  • Meal Ticket: Whenever you enter a shop room, heal 15 HP.
  • Maw Bank: If you buy an item at the shop, Maw Bank is disabled and no longer provides 12 gold per floor. This includes the card removal service.


The Merchant is the friendly NPC who sells items at the Shop.


The Merchant appears in the form of a blue skinned man sitting on a blue-green rug next to some cards, a small chest, a bag, and a knife. He is wearing a mask covering his face (which is similar to the Smiling Mask Relic) and a blue cloak. He will be generally friendly towards the player and talk to them while they view and purchase his wares.


  • In the Game's Soundtrack, the music which plays while the player is visiting the Shop is titled "Meet the Merchant"
  • One of his quotes "I used to be like you" suggests he was similar to the players in some manner in the past. It is implied, since this quote is only shown in Act IV, that the Merchant was once also a puppet of Neow.
  • A tweet from the Developers of Slay the Spire implies that the merchant is very powerful, perhaps even the strongest being in the Spire.


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