The relic added to the chest by Matryoshka has a 75% chance of being a Common Relic, and a 25% change of being an Uncommon Relic.

This relic does not spawn beyond floor 40, excluding Endless mode.

Trivia Edit

This relic references the Awakened One.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Matryoshka relic no longer spawns beyond floor 40 (excludes Endless mode).
  • Weekly Patch 50: The Final Act
    • Fixed issue where Nloth's Face relic consumed both relics from Matryoshka.
  • Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning
    • Seeds are now utilized for Matryoshka and Mummified Hand relics.
  • Weekly Patch 7: Setting Up All the Things
    • Fixing typo in Matryoshka's flavor text.
  • Weekly Patch 3: Balance Balance Balance
    • Matryoshka's counters are now saved correctly- no longer resets.
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