Match and Keep is an event found in all 3 Acts of the Spire.

You are forced to play a card matching game. You get 5 attempts to match cards. Any cards you match, you add to your deck, regardless of whether you want the card or not. The following cards will be available for matching:

  • 1 pair of Common colored cards
  • 1 pair of Uncommon colored cards
  • 1 pair of Rare colored cards
  • 1 pair of a random Curse
  • 1 pair of Uncommon Colorless cards (Replaced by an additional pair of Curses on Ascension 15+)
  • Bash, Neutralize, or Zap.

The color of each colored card will be dependent on which character you are playing as.

Strategy Edit

  • If you don't want to add any cards to your deck, you can just pick the same 2 cards 5 times and not add any cards to your deck
    • However, you could pick 2 matching cards initially, though the odds of this are somewhat low.
  • Be wary of the Curses that the game offers. On Ascension 15+, the second pair of curses can be the same curse as the first pair, so be more careful when on high ascension levels, unless you seek curses.
  • The Rare card offered is most likely to be beneficial to your deck, so try to see which card it is to decide whether or not to match it.