Malaise is a Rare card for The Silent that permanently reduces one enemy's Strength and applies many turns of Weak. As an X-cost card, it consumes all remaining Energy when played.

Upgrading Malaise increases the Strength loss and Weak count by 1. This will trigger even if you play Malaise with 0 Energy remaining, effectively applying 1 Strength Loss and 1 Weak for no cost.


Malaise is a deceptively strong card - in fact, it's the strongest single source of permanent Strength reduction. While the Weak effect is underwhelming, the Strength reduction punishes the Snake Plant, Hexaghost, Corrupt Heart, and other enemies that rely on multi-strike attacks.

The Silent has access to a number of Energy-increasing cards, which can power Malaise up further.

Note that the Strength Loss is applied before the Weak effect, so an enemy with 1 Artifact will only get the Weak.


Flying Knee, Outmaneuver, Doppelganger, Ice Cream, and Concentrate can accumulate more Energy for a backbreaking Malaise.

Chemical X outperforms with this card, permanently reducing an enemy's Strength by two or three points for free.

Malaise applies two debuffs for the purpose of Sadistic Nature.

Note that Burst doesn't power up Malaise unless you also have Chemical X. The same Energy used to play Burst would also add 1 to Malaise.

Update History

  • Weekly Patch 34: Malaise
    • Malaise card is now Rare (was Uncommon).
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