The Lagavulin is an Elite enemy found only on the first act of the Spire. It hits heavily and consistently, but is found asleep for the first three turns of combat, unless encountered in the Dead Adventurer Event. This allows the player to decide when to start the fight properly, within reason.

Awakening Edit

The Lagavulin will start with the unique debuff "Asleep", as well as a Metallicize buff, preventing it from taking any action, but granting it 8 Block at the start of every turn. The Lagavulin will awake at the end of its 3rd turn or when any HP damage is taken through the Block, and will lose its Metallicize buff in the process.

When the Lagavulin wakes up by being attacked, it will be stunned for one turn. If the Lagavulin is left unharmed for three turns, it will wake up on its own and begin the fourth turn unstunned.

Pattern: Edit

Will attack twice, then use the ability Siphon Soul; and repeats this pattern for the duration of the fight.

Name Intent Effect Asc 3+ Asc 18+
Attack Attack intent 4 Deal 18 damage. Deal 20 damage. Deal 20 damage.
Siphon Soul
Inflicts -1 Strength and Dexterity. Inflicts -1 Strength and Dexterity. Inflicts -2 Strength and Dexterity.


  • Use the three turns before the Lagavulin wakes up to prepare for the fight by using Powers, or Bash
    as the Ironclad.
    • Alternatively, on the third turn, it may be more reasonable to deal damage instead of buffs/debuffs if a large amount of damage is possible.
  • Try to stay mostly aggressive for the fight; after its "Siphon Soul" ability is used too many times it will be much harder to defeat him.

Trivia Edit

  • Lagavulin references a distillery located in Islay, Scotland. A whisky with the same name is produced there.