Ironclad cards are gained from Card Reward screens during games played with the Ironclad. They can also be gained from merchant shops and from the effects of events, relics, and other Ironclad cards. Ironclad cards come in three rarities: common, uncommon, and rare.

Name Picture Rarity Type Energy Description
Bash Bash Starter Attack 2 Deal 8(10) damage. Apply 2(3) Vulnerable.
Defend Defend R Starter Skill 1 Gain 5(8) Block.
Strike Strike R Starter Attack 1 Deal 6(9) damage.
Common Attack 0 Deal 6(8) damage. Add a copy of this card to your discard pile.
Armaments Armaments Common Skill 1 Gain 5 Block. Upgrade a(ALL) card(s) in your hand for the rest of combat.
Body Slam BodySlam Common Attack 1(0) Deal damage equal to your current Block.
Clash Clash Common Attack 0 Can only be played if every card in your hand is an Attack. Deal 14(18) damage.
Cleave Cleave Common Attack 1 Deal 8(11) damage to ALL enemies.
Clothesline Clothesline Common Attack 2 Deal 12(14) damage. Apply 2(3) Weak.
Flex Flex Common Skill 0 Gain 2(4) Strength. At the end of your turn, lose 2(4) Strength.
Havoc Havoc Common Skill 1(0) Play the top card of your draw pile and Exhaust it.
Headbutt Headbutt Common Attack 1 Deal 9(12) damage. Place a card from your discard pile on top of your draw pile.
Heavy Blade HeavyBlade Common Attack 2 Deal 14 damage. Strength affects Heavy Blade 3(5) times.
Iron Wave IronWave Common Attack 1 Gain 5(7) Block. Deal 5(7) damage.
Perfected Strike PerfectedStrike Common Attack 2 Deal 6 damage. Deals an additional 2(3) damage for ALL of your cards containing "Strike".
Pommel Strike PommelStrike Common Attack 1 Deal 9(10) damage. Draw 1(2) card(s).
Shrug it Off ShrugItOff Common Skill 1 Gain 8(11) Block. Draw 1 card.
Sword Boomerang SwordBoomerang Common Attack 1 Deal 3 damage to a random enemy 3(4) times.
Thunderclap Thunderclap Common Attack 1 Deal 4(7) damage and apply 1 Vulnerable to ALL enemies.
True Grit TrueGrit Common Skill 1 Gain 7(9) Block. Exhaust a random(not random) card from your hand.
Twin Strike TwinStrike Common Attack 1 Deal 5(7) damage twice.
Common Skill 0 Draw 1(2) card(s). Place a card from your hand on top of your draw pile. Exhaust.
Wild Strike WildStrike Common Attack 1 Deal 12(17) damage. Shuffle a Wound into your draw pile.
Battle Trance BattleTrance Uncommon Skill 0 Draw 3(4) cards. You cannot draw additional cards this turn.
Blood for Blood BloodforBlood Uncommon Attack 4(3) Cost 1 less energy for each time you lose HP in combat. Deal 18(22) damage.
Bloodletting Bloodletting Uncommon Skill 0 Lose 3 HP. Gain 1(2) Energy.
Burning Pact BurningPact Uncommon Skill 1 Exhaust 1 card. Draw 2(3) cards.
Uncommon Attack 2 Ethereal. Deal 20(28) damage.
Uncommon Power 1 At the end of your turn, lose 1 HP and deal 5(7) damage to ALL enemies.
Corruption Corruption Uncommon Power 3(2) Skills cost 0. Whenever you play a Skill, Exhaust it.
Disarm Disarm Uncommon Skill 1 Enemy loses 2(3) Strength. Exhaust.
Dropkick Dropkick Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 5(8) damage. If the enemy is Vulnerable, gain 1 energy and draw 1 card.
Dual Wield DualWield Uncommon Skill 1 Create a(2) copy(s) of an Attack or Power card in your hand.
Entrench Entrench Uncommon Skill 2(1) Double your current Block.
Uncommon Power 1 Whenever you draw a Status, draw 1(2) card(s).
Feel No Pain
Uncommon Power 1 Whenever a card is Exhausted, gain 3(4) Block.
Fire Breathing FireBreathing Uncommon Power 1(0) At the end of your turn, for each Attack played this turn deal 1 damage to ALL enemies.
Flame Barrier FlameBarrier Uncommon Skill 2 Gain 12(16) Block. Whenever you are attacked this turn, deal 4(6) damage to the attacker.
Ghostly Armor GhostlyArmor Uncommon Skill 1 Ethereal.

Gain 10(13) Block.

Hemokinesis Hemokinesis Uncommon Attack 1 Lose 3(2) HP. Deal 14(18) damage.
Infernal Blade InfernalBlade Uncommon Skill 1(0) Add a random Attack to your hand. It costs 0 this turn. Exhaust.
Inflame Inflame Uncommon Power 1 Gain 2(3) Strength.
Intimidate Intimidate Uncommon Skill 0 Apply 1(2) Weak to ALL enemies. Exhaust.
Metallicize Metallicize Uncommon Power 1 At the end of your turn, gain 3(4) Block.
Power Through PowerThrough Uncommon Skill 1 Add 2 Wounds to your hand. Gain 15(20) Block.
Pummel Pummel Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 2 damage 4(5) times. Exhaust.
Uncommon Skill 0 Whenever you play an Attack this turn, gain 3(5) Block
Rampage Rampage Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 8 damage. Every time this card is played, increase its damage by 5(8) for this combat.
Reckless Charge
Uncommon Attack 0 Deal 7(10) damage. Shuffle a Dazed into your draw pile
Rupture Rupture Uncommon Power 1(0) Whenever you lose HP from a card, gain 1 Strength.
Searing Blow SearingBlow Uncommon Attack 2 Deal 12(16) damage. Can be upgraded any number of times.
Second Wind SecondWind Uncommon Skill 1 Exhaust all non-Attack cards in your hand and gain 5(7) Block for each.
Seeing Red SeeingRed Uncommon Skill 1(0) Gain 2 energy. Exhaust.
Sentinel Sentinel Uncommon Skill 1 Gain 5(8) Block. If this card is Exhausted, gain 2(3) energy.
Sever Soul SeverSoul Uncommon Attack 2 Exhaust all non-Attack cards in your hand. Deal 16(20) damage.
Shockwave Shockwave Uncommon Skill 2 Apply 3(5) Weak and Vulnerable to ALL enemies.


Spot Weakness SpotWeakness Uncommon Skill 1 If an enemy intends to attack, gain 3(4) Strength.
Uppercut Uppercut Uncommon Attack 2 Deal 13 damage. Apply 1(2) Weak. Apply 1(2) Vulnerable.
Whirlwind Whirlwind Uncommon Attack X Deal 5(8) damage to ALL enemies X times.
Barricade Barricade Rare Power 3(2) Block no longer expires at the start of your turn.
Berserk Berserk Rare Power 0 Gain 3(2) Vulnerable. Gain 1 Energy at the start of your turn.
Bludgeon Bludgeon Rare Attack 3 Deal 32(42) damage.
Brutality Brutality Rare Power 0 (Innate.) At the start of your turn, lose 1 HP and draw 1 card.
Dark Embrace DarkEmbrace Rare Power 2(1) Whenever a card is Exhausted, draw 1 card.
Demon Form DemonForm Rare Power 3 At the start of each turn, gain 2(3) Strength.
Double Tap DoubleTap Rare Skill 1 This turn, your next (2) Attack(s) is(are) played twice.
Exhume Exhume Rare Skill 1(0) Place a card from your Exhaust pile into your hand. Exhaust.
Feed Feed Rare Attack 1 Deal 10(12) damage. If this kills a non-minion enemy, gain 3(4) permanent Max HP. Exhaust.
Fiend Fire FiendFire Rare Attack 2 Exhaust your hand. Deal 7(10) damage for each Exhausted card. Exhaust.
Rare Attack 2 Deal 21(28) damage to ALL enemies. Add a Burn to your discard pile.
Impervious Impervious Rare Skill 2 Gain 30(40) Block. Exhaust.
Juggernaut Juggernaut Rare Power 2 Whenever you gain Block, deal 5(7) damage to a random enemy.
Limit Break LimitBreak Rare Skill 1 Double your Strength. Exhaust(Don't Exhaust).
Offering Offering Rare Skill 0 Lose 6 HP. Gain 2 energy. Draw 3(5) cards. Exhaust.
Reaper Reaper Rare Attack 2 Deal 4(5) damage to ALL enemies. Heal for unblocked damage dealt. Exhaust.