Innate is a keyword which causes the card to always start in your opening hand. It still takes a draw, so it does not increase opening hand size unless the deck contains more innate cards than cards in the starting hand. This will cause the starting hand to contain all innate cards unless they exceed the maximum hand size of ten. Cards included in a Bottled Relic will add to this count.

NOTE: Innate is a separate mechanic from the Bottled Relics, which add a specified card to your starting hand each combat. Cards with the "Innate" keyword will keep that effect if Duplicated by an event. The Bottled Relics, however, will not affect any duplicates of the chosen card.

List of cards that have or gain the Innate keyword, by character:

The Ironclad: Edit

The Silent: Edit

The Defect: Edit

Colorless (Neutral): Edit

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