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An infinite combo is a setup that allows you to keep playing the same cards forever in a single turn, either spending no Energy or continually regaining the energy used. Infinite combos are powerful as they allow you to keep attacking until you win the battle, keep gaining Icon Block.png Block until nothing can harm you, or keep gaining energy to spend it all at once on a cost X card.

As most infinite combos work by continually drawing the same cards, the setup requires you to have very few cards in your draw and discard piles. This is helped by avoiding adding cards to your deck other than core cards in the combo and removing them whenever possible. Cards that Exhaust and Power cards may still be used.

Some infinite combos rely on the Sundial.png Sundial combined with a card that allows you to draw two or more cards. Such cards are listed below. This works by playing a multi-draw card with an empty draw pile and fewer than that many cards in the discard pile, which adds two counts to the Sundial. The discard pile must contain a card, usually an Attack, that allows you to draw the multi-draw card again. If the multi-draw card can draw more than two cards, you can include some additional extra cards in the combo.

Necronomicurse can be used in a different kind of infinite combo. Whenever it is exhausted, another copy of it is added to your hand. BlueCandle.png Blue Candle can be used to play and exhaust these indefinitely with no energy cost, and TungstenRod.png Tungsten Rod negates the HP loss.

The following achievements can be easily completed if you can set up an infinite combo; however, there are other ways to complete them:

  • Infinity: play 25 cards in a single turn.
  • Neon: Channel 9 Plasma.png Plasma in a single turn.
  • Perfect: defeat a boss without taking any damage.
  • The Transient: Defeat the Transient before it fades away.
  • You Are Nothing: defeat a boss on turn 1.


The Time Eater counters infinite combos with its Time Warp power, which ends your turn and causes it to gain Icon Strength.png Strength for every 12 cards you play. The Corrupt Heart counters Blockless infinite combos with its Beat of Death power, dealing damage to you each time you play a card, and its Invincible power, which requires the combo to be performed over several turns. Beware also of Icon Thorns.png Thorns and Sharp Hide.

Pain, Normality, VelvetChoker.png Velvet Choker or Time Maze will block infinite combos in most cases. The TungstenRod.png Tungsten Rod negates Pain, and the BlueCandle.png Blue Candle or any other means of exhausting the curses can provide an escape.


The following combinations of cards and relics may be used in an infinite combo.





Claw is especially effective when played in an infinite combo. Zap+ may be used to cycle Lightning.png Lightning orbs and combine with Thunder Strike as a finisher.