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{{Card_Infobox|class = Ironclad|image1 = R?immolate.png|type = Attack|rarity = Rare|effect = Exhaust 1 card.
If the chosen card was a Status or Curse, deal 10 damage to ALL enemies.|cost = 1|effect_plus = Exhaust 1 card.
If the chosen card was a Status or Curse, deal '''15''' damage to ALL enemies.|cost_plus = 1}}
'''Immolate''' is an [[Attack]] card for the [[Ironclad]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an [[Attack]] card for the [[Ironclad]]. It deals 10 damage to ALL enemies, so long as it's used to [[Exhaust]] a [[Status]] or [[Curse]]; if it's used to Exhaust something else, no damage will occur. As a [[Rare]] card, it can be obtained after defeating a [[Bosses|Boss]].
2 Energy: Deal 21 (28) damage to ALL enemies. Shuffle a [[Burn]] into your draw pile.
Upon upgrade, it will deal 5 more damage.
== Old Immolate (pre-Patch 20) ==
In Patch 20, Immolate was changed from:
2 Energy: [[Exhaust]] 1 Card. If the chosen card was a [[Status]] or [[Curse]], deal 10 (15) damage to all enemies.
==Update History==
*Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning
**Immolate card buff: Adds a Burn to discard pile instead of draw pile.
**Immolate card buff: 18 -> 21 damage.
**Immolate+ card buff: 24 -> 28 damage.
*Weekly Patch 20: Immolate
**Immolate now costs 2, deals considerably more damage, and shuffles a Burn into your draw pile.
*Weekly Patch 3: Balance Balance Balance
**Immolate now uses proper exhausting. Triggers stuff better and Purity Achievement works with it.
{{Ironclad Card Navbox}}
{{Ironclad Card Navbox}}
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