Event - Shrooms

Hypnotizing Colored Mushrooms is an Event found in Act 1, The Exordium. The player encounters a field of dangerous fungi and must pick one of two options, each with significant rewards and downsides:

Strategy Edit

Both options are painful - Fungi Beasts can deal some serious damage, and the Parasite will inevitably sacrifice some HP. The choice is mainly determined by how much HP the player has, and whether they can survive the battle and clear the Act.

Three Fungi Beasts can deal some serious damage - at least one of the Beasts will boost its strength and score a hit while the player is Vulnerable. The player will likely need to tank a hit of 24 damage or more, at minimum.

The Relic is actually quite strong against many Elites and enemies, but the main reward is not getting the Parasite. Like all battles, the Fungi Beasts award Gold, card selection, and points in addition to the Odd Mushroom.

If HP is low, eating the mushrooms both prevents the Fungi Beast battle and heals. The Parasite will need to be removed later, but it's preferable to death by mouse-mushroom ambush.