Hand of Greed is a rare colorless card which provides 20(25) gold when used to kill an enemy.

While expensive at shops, it does not exhaust and can be used to kill multiple enemies per battle, eventually paying for itself with the right usage. If acquired from a Neow Blessing at the beginning of the run it can provide considerable reward.

The kills must be considered Fatal to provide the gold reward. Not all enemies count as fatal kills (exceptions detailed below).

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Minions do not count as Fatal kills. These are recognized by the Icon Minion.png icon. For a list of minion enemies, see the Minion page.
  • If fighting Darklings reducing the HP of one of them to 0 does not count as a Fatal kill unless it was the final enemy from the batch.
  • Defeating the first phase of the Awakened One does not count as a Fatal kill.

Update History[edit | edit source]

  • Patch V2.0: The Watcher
    • Fatal keyword added for cards which have effects upon killing a non-Minion enemy.
  • Weekly Patch 50: The Final Act
    • Title capitalization for Hand Of Greed -> Hand of Greed.
  • Weekly Patch 46: Adrenaline
    • Hand Of Greed card buff: 15 -> 20 damage. Hand of Greed+: 20 -> 25 damage.
  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Hand of Greed card now gives gold instantly, rather than through VFX (triggered Bloody Idol).
  • Weekly Patch 38: Bane
    • Adding colorless card Hand of Greed.

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Hand of Greed
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