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The Gremlin Nob is an Elite enemy found primarily in Act 1. However, one also appears in Act 2's ColosseumIcon.png Colosseum Event alongside a Taskmaster, provided the player opts to fight. The enemy may seem to have low damage values for an elite, but the Icon Rage.png Enrage buff it grants itself combined with the Attack-debuff-common.png Skull Bash's applied Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable make for a tough fight for most decks.


Name Intent Effect
Bellow Intent - Buff.png Gains 2 Icon Rage.png Enrage.
Gains 3 Ascension Icon.png18+ Icon Rage.png Enrage.
Rush Intent - Aggressive - Sword.png Deal 14 damage.
Deal 16 Ascension Icon.png3+ damage.
Skull Bash Intent - Attack Debuff.png Deal 6 damage and apply 2 Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable.
Deal 8 Ascension Icon.png3+ damage and apply 2 Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable.


Always starts with Intent - Buff.png Bellow. Afterwards, has a 33% chance of using Attack-debuff-common.png Skull Bash and a 67% chance of using Attack-common.png Rush. Cannot use Attack-common.png Rush 3 times in a row.

At Ascension Icon.png Ascension 18+, uses Attack-debuff-common.png Skull Bash on the 2nd turn and uses Attack-common.png Rush twice afterwards. Repeats this pattern for the entire fight.


  • With the exception of the first turn, where it has yet to apply Icon Rage.png Enrage, playing Skills will make the Gremlin Nob much more threatening. Since most Icon Block.png Block-granting cards are also Skills, it can be worth more to not play them and take the damage instead. Before using a Skill to mitigate damage, consider how much longer the fight might take.
    • With the Ironclad's Basic deck, the fight is about being as aggressive as possible until the very end. Use Bash to apply Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable as much as possible, and play every Strike attack you're dealt. When you feel the Nob will only have one turn left to live, it can be beneficial to play a Defend versus a Attack-debuff-common.png Skull Bash. BurningBlood.png Burning Blood will absorb some of the impact of the fight at the end.
    • With the Silent's Basic deck, the fight becomes more painful. The objective, however, does not change. Neutralize helps to mitigate some of the damage. Taking 4 or 10 damage should be much more manageable. Otherwise, lay in with Strikes whenever possible.
    • With the Defect's Basic deck the fight plays out similar to the Silent. Despite the strength gain it may be worth it to cast Zap early in the fight (especially if you traded away your CrackedCore.png starting relic) and Dualcast late in the fight. Dualcast often lets you finish him off a whole turn earlier, making the strength gain irrelevant.
    • With the Watcher's Basic deck, focus on maintaining aggression and play strong offensive cards. It is usually worth to take damage as the Watcher's style of gameplay can deal excessive amounts of damage in a single turn. Playing cards which enable Wrath or Divinity such as Eruption or Blasphemy to deal a large amount of burst damage can easily finish off the Gremlin Nob.
    • Powers and Potions can both be effective at mitigating damage in place of Skills.
  • If the player is fighting the Gremlin Nob in the ColosseumIcon.png Colosseum event, it is probably better to kill the Gremlin Nob before the Taskmaster; the Gremlin Nob will continue to gain Icon Strength.png Strength when you play Skills.


  • The Gremlin Nob is a reference to the Ork Nob from Warhammer 40k.
  • According to the flavor text of the GremlinHorn.png Gremlin Horn relic, Gremlin Nobs maintain consistent growth from birth to death.
  • The second fight of the Colosseum event used to contain two Gremlin Nobs. On 17 January 2019 this was changed to one Gremlin Nob and a Taskmaster instead.

Update History[]

  • Slay the Spire 1.0: Farewell Early Access
    • Colossuem Nob fight ordering swapped so that the Nob can apply Vulnerable.
  • Weekly Patch 56: The Collector
    • Colosseum event's second fight is now a Gremlin Nob + Taskmaster (rather than 2 Gremlin Nobs)
  • Weekly Patch 41
    • Colosseum Nobs no longer play double music.
    • Killing a Colosseum Nob no longer causes the music to stop.
  • Day 1 Patch
    • Gremlin Nob gets a minor nerf.
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