Grand Finale is a card for the Silent. It deals an impressive 50 damage to all enemies, and costs no energy, but it can only be played if your draw pile is empty. This makes it very difficult to use effectively, or at all.

Upon upgrade it deals an additional 10 damage to every enemy.

You should never take Grand Finale unless you have a way to keep cards between turns, either from Well-Laid Plans (preferably upgraded) or Runic Pyramid. This lets you keep Grand Finale in your hand until you reach the bottom of your draw pile. However, you will still need to carefully manage the number of cards in your draw pile using cards with extra draw, to ensure that you have exactly 0 cards at some point during your turn.

Alternatively, if your deck is small enough that you can reliably draw the entire deck every turn, you can play this card every turn (possibly more than once per turn).

Assuming you have a deck which can reliably play Grand Finale, it will be more effective the smaller your deck. In a deck which shuffles every 2-3 turns it could easily serve as your primary offense.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Patch V1.1: The Dealer
    • Grand Finale card is now 0.3s faster in Fast Mode.
  • Weekly Patch 46: Adrenaline
    • Grand Finale card buff: 40 -> 50 damage. Grand Finale+: 50 -> 60 damage.
    • Adding VFX for Grand Finale card.
  • Weekly Patch 19: Seed
    • Grand Finale card buff. Cost 1 -> 0.
  • Weekly Patch 2: Slimes!
    • Grand Finale now costs 1 (was 2).
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