Event - Golden Idol
Golden Idol is an Event in Act 1, The Exordium. The player can claim the powerful Golden Idol Relic for a price, or safely walk by.

The player is initially presented with these two choices:

Choosing Take awards the Golden Idol but sends a huge boulder rolling towards the player. The player must choose how to defend themselves:

  • Outrun: Become Cursed - Injury
  • Smash: Take damage equal to 25% of Max HP (35% in Ascension 15)
  • Hide: Lose 8% Max HP (10% in Ascension 15)

Strategy Edit

The Golden Idol is used for Events in future Acts. It's also a strong Relic in its own right, granting 30% more Gold from battles. It's generally a good idea to take it.

The Smash option is usually the best choice. The Act 1 enemies and Bosses aren't particularly powerful; unless the player has an Elite blocking their way, the 25% damage is probably irrelevant.

Outrunning is also a good choice. Injury is annoying but not game-breaking, and the extra Gold granted by the Relic will offset the cost of paying the Merchant to remove the Curse.

Sacrificing max HP is dangerous - dropping below 50 HP allows many Bosses to kill the player in one shot.

Trivia Edit

The grinning golden statue protected by a rolling boulder trap is an obvious reference to the opening scene of the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark.