Fusion,as one major source of Plasma Orbs, is a card requiring much strategy to utilize.

  • Using this card is just like “storing” your energy in a bank. You used 2 energy, and gain it back when evoked. As for the “interest”, you gain one extra energy at the start of every turn. Sounds great, but it's actually not that good.
    • The reason is that you can't do much in the turn you play Fusion because you have already consumed 2 energy. On the other hand, your energy will likely to be wasted on the turn you evoke the orb, because you can't use it all up. All in all, unless you can control you deck very well, don't use Fusion in most cases.
    • It's usually not worth it to put some of your energy to later use, especially when Fusion and one of your critical cards (Creative AI
      , Echo Form
      , etc.) are both on your hand.
  • Instead, try upgrading it as soon as possible,because lowering one energy cost gives Fusion a completely different character. It becomes an agile card which allows spending your extra energy for later and brings almost immediate profit.
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