Frail is a status condition that reduces the amount of block points gained by 25%. The amount of block gained after this reduction is rounded down. Like Dexterity, it only affects block gained directly from card effects; block from relics, Metallicize, Plated Armor or frost orbs is not reduced.



  • Positive
    • Turnip prevents gaining Frail entirely.

Update History

  • Weekly Patch 52: Release Date Price Increase
    • Fixed issue that caused Frail and Dexterity to inconsistently interact with each other.
  • Weekly Patch 23: Testing Continues...
    • Forcefield card was unaffected by Powers (Frail/Dex).
  • Day 1 Patch
    • Frail is now a highlighted keyword.
    • Panacea card buffed to also remove Frail.
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