Flex is a Skill card for the Ironclad. It grants the user 2 Strength and applies 2 Shackle, which reduces the user's Strength by 2 when their turn ends. As a Common card, it can be found as a reward after combats.

Upon upgrade, Strength and Shackle both increase by 2.


  • Of course, the card may be used with others like Dual Strike and Heavy Blade, which benefit from Strength disproportionately well.
  • Additionally, the Shackle effect only removes as much Strength as the card gives. It can be combined with Limit Break to permanently gain Strength, so long as Flex is played first.
    • For example, imagine you're at 0 Strength. You play Flex+, giving you 4 Strength and 4 Shackle. Then you play Limit Break, bringing you to 8 Strength and 4 Shackle. At the end of your turn, Shackle will reduce your Strength back to 4, which is still a permanent net gain of Strength.
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