Flex is a Skill card for the Ironclad. It grants the user 2 Strength and applies 2 Strength Down, which reduces the user's Strength by 2 when their turn ends. As a Common card, it can be commonly found as a reward after combats.

Upon upgrade, Strength and Strength Down both increase by 2.


  • Additionally, the Strength Down effect only removes as much Strength as the card gives. It can be combined with Limit Break
    to permanently gain Strength, so long as Flex is played first. Additionally, Strength Down is a debuff, so using Orange Pellets or Panacea
    will make the Strength last until the end of the combat.
  • Flex is generally not an incredibly powerful card; while it is free, it effectively makes your hand for the turn one card smaller, which can be very bad in many situations.
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