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Face Trader is an event that can appear in Act 1 and Act 2. You found a mysterious man, who is very interested in your face.


Numbers in parentheses are for Ascension 15 or higher.


Both the positive masks—FaceOfCleric.png Face of Cleric and SsserpentHead.png Ssserpent Head—are extremely powerful if acquired early on Act 1 and 2. On the negative side: NlothsMask.png N'loth's Hungry Face remains a fairly minor penalty throughout. But by Act 3, the threat of a GremlinMask.png Gremlin Visage and the small number of remaining rooms/combats makes a roll increasingly dangerous (especially for a deck avoiding most combats). Therefore, it may be wise to gain the gold (or simply leave) in late acts, especially if your deck is reliant on Attacks.


You walk by an eerie statue holding several masks...
Something behind you softly whispers, "Stop."
You swerve around to face the statue which is now facing you!
On closer inspection, it's not a statue but a statuesque, gaunt man. Is he even breathing?
Eerie Man: "Face. Let me touch? Maybe trade?"
Eerie Man: "Compensation. Compensation."
Mechanically, he cranes out a neat stack of gold and places it into your pouch.
Eerie Man: "What a nice face. Nice face."
While he touches your face, you begin to feel your life drain out of it!
During this, his mask falls off and shatters. Screaming, he quickly covers his face with all six arms dropping even more masks! Amidst all the screaming and shattering, you escape.
His face was completely blank.
Eerie Man: "For me? FOR ME? Oh yes.. Yes. Yes.. mmm..."
You see one of his arms flicker, and your face is in its hand! Your face has been swapped.
Eerie Man: "Nice face. Nice face."
Eerie Man: "Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop."
This was probably the right call.


Update History[]

  • Patch V2.0: The Watcher
    • Face Trader event can no longer appear past Act 2.
  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Minor text cleanup for Face Trader event.
  • Weekly Patch 40: Forethought
    • Face Trader event will no longer give out duplicate relics on Endless mode.
  • Weekly Patch 33: Terror
    • Improved Face Trader wording for top option to better reflect what happens.
  • Weekly Patch 32: Face Trader
    • Face Trader: It's a new event! This event shows up in any Act and can give you 1 of 5 relics exclusive to this event, we think it's facetastic.
    • Adding the Face Trader event.



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