Evolve is a Power card for the Ironclad. After it's played, an extra card will be drawn to make up for every Status card drawn. As an Uncommon card, it appears as a reward for combat, although less often than Commons.

Upon upgrade, drawing Wounds results in two extra cards instead of one.


  • A player may use powerful cards such as Power Through
    and Wild Strike
    without their deck suffering nearly as much, so long as Evolve is played before those Wounds
    are drawn.
    • However, the player must be wary of their own 10-card hand limit when abusing Statuses on purpose. For example: If Evolve+ is active, and then the 5-card hand Wound
      , Wound
      , Strike+, Defend
      Defend R
      , Bash
      is drawn, Evolve+ will draw 4 additional cards.
  • Furthermore, Evolve's extra card draw can trivialize enemies who fight by flooding the deck with Statuses, such as Chosen, and works well against the Slimed
    applied by slimes, as the art would suggest.
  • Evolve essentially negates the negative effect imposed by Mark of Pain.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 18: Paranormal
    • Evolve rework: No longer gives Wounds. Now triggers on any Status card, not just Wounds.
  • Weekly Patch 4: Full speed ahead!
    • Evolve should no longer trigger even if No Draw power is active.
  • Day 1 Patch
    • Evolve power tooltip was displaying duplicate information incorrectly.
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