Heal applies on entering, so you can Rest less often.

(BETA): Rarity changed to uncommon.

The feather is one of the Awakened One's.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 53: Blizzard
    • Updated relic asset for Eternal Feather.
  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Removed extra space on flavor description for Eternal Feather.
  • Weekly Patch 34: Malaise
    • Eternal Feather relic buff: 2 -> 3 HP per 5 cards.
  • Weekly Patch 8: Ooh Shiny!
    • Wording: Consistency in description for Ancient Tea Set and Eternal Feather.
  • Weekly Patch 4: Full speed ahead!
    • Eternal Feather grammatical fix.
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