• Enlightenment effects the cards that are currently in your hand when you play it. Cards drawn later won't be affected.
  • Cards that cost 0 are unaffected.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Patch V1.1: The Dealer
    • Fixed Enlightenment+ not reducing cost of cards with 1 or 0 cost for turn.
  • Weekly Patch 45: Impatience
    • Fixes for how Eviscerate incorrectly worked with cost reduction effects like Enlightenment.
  • Weekly Patch 37: Darkness
    • Enlightenment card is now Uncommon (was Rare).
  • Weekly Patch 9: Ascension
    • Fixed interaction of Enlightenment + Eviscerate + Discard.
  • Weekly Patch 8: Ooh Shiny!
    • Colorless cards can now be upgraded! This was also a good time to re-examine and balance several of the cards.
    • Enlightment+. This turn -> rest of combat.
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