Start each combat with a random Power card in your hand. It costs 0 to play.

Enchiridion can be obtained in the Cursed Tome Event.


The name and icon of this relic are a reference to Adventure Time's Enchiridion.

Update History

  • Weekly Patch 52: Release Date Price Increase
    • Enchiridion relic now triggers earlier so its card is prioritized over some other relics.
  • Weekly Patch 44: Chrysalis
    • All sources of random temporary card generation in combat (like Dead Branch) can no longer generate cards that provide healing.
    • New tip added to indicate that healing cards cannot be generated randomly during combat.
  • Weekly Patch 17: Patched in the Face
    • Seeds are now utilized for Enchirdion and Codex.
  • Weekly Patch 15: Surprise Patch
    • Enchiridion cost should only set for one turn.
  • Weekly Patch 11: A Library of Features
    • Enchiridion now works with Snecko Eye properly.
  • Weekly Patch 7: Setting Up All the Things
    • Enchiridion relic wording improvements.
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