Elites are stronger monster encounters that are marked separately from normal ones on the map. Defeating an elite will grant you a random relic and add a score bonus. Depending on the strength of one's deck, fighting elites may not always be a good idea, but the relics they grant can be very powerful. Plus they can kick your ass.

Playing in Ascension Mode will make elites more common, as the Ascension 1 modifier makes them more common. In addition, higher ascension levels will make elites stronger and tougher.

Relics that affect elite encounters:

  • Sling of Courage: The player will start each elite combat with 2 Strength.
  • Preserved Insect: All enemies found in elite rooms will start combat with 25% less HP.
  • Black Star: Instead of dropping 1 random relic, defeated elites will instead drop 2 random relics.
  • Neow's Lament: Similarly to normal monster encounters, if an elite encounter is reached with a charge of Neow's Lament left, the elite(s) begin combat with 1 hp, making the fight trivial.

Act I

Act II


Act IV

Elite Buffs

After unlocking Act 4, until the Emerald Key is obtained, one of the elites in each Act will appear as a burning elite icon. This 'super elite' will receive one of the following buffs, and it will drop the Emerald Key when defeated.

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