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Elites are stronger monsters that are marked separately from normal ones on the map. Defeating an elite will grant you a random relic, 25-35 gold, a card reward and add a score bonus. Depending on the strength of one's deck, fighting elites may not always be a good idea, but the relics they grant can be very powerful. The same elite can appear multiple times in an act, but cannot be encountered twice in a row. The Dead Adventurer event completely ignores this.

Playing in Ascension Mode will make elites more common, as the Ascension 1 modifier makes them more common. In addition, higher ascension levels will make elites stronger and tougher.

Relics that affect elite encounters:

  • BlackStar.png Black Star: Instead of dropping 1 random relic, defeated elites will instead drop 2 random relics.
  • Sling.png Sling of Courage: The player will start each elite combat with 2 Strength.
  • PreservedInsect.png Preserved Insect: All enemies found in elite rooms will start combat with 25% less HP.
  • SlaversCollar.png Slaver's Collar: During Boss and Elite combats, gain Energy at the start of your turn.

With the exception of BlackStar.png Black Star, these relics also work in the Dead Adventurer fight and the second fight in The Colosseum.

Act I[]

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Act IV[]

Elite Buffs[]

After unlocking Act 4, until the Emerald Key is obtained, one of the elites in each Act will appear as a burning elite icon. This 'super elite' will receive one of the following buffs, and it will drop the Emerald Key when defeated.