Echo Form is a Power card for The Defect that bestows a powerful card-doubling effect at a high price. As a rare card, Echo Form is generally obtainable only as a Boss reward and at high cost from The Merchant.

Upgrading Echo Form makes it lose Ethereal.

Card Effect Edit

Echo Form's printed text only loosely explains its behavior. The card's full effect is more accurately described as this:

At the beginning of your turn, gain one stack of Echo.
Echo's effect is "The next time you play a card from your hand, after it resolves, create a copy of that card outside of your hand. The copy gains Exhaust. Automatically play the card at no Energy cost. If you chose a target for the original card, the copy has the same target. If that target is now invalid, the card exhausts but the stack of Echo is not consumed."
One stack of Echo is consumed after a copied card resolves. All Echo stacks expire at the end of your turn.

Interactions Edit

  • Cards copied by Echo Form count as plays for the purpose of Velvet Choker, Time Eater, and Chosen's Hex effect. Note that if The Time Eater's effect ends your turn immediately after you play your first card, the copy will not resolve and will cease to exist.
  • Although the copied card is effectively Exhausted, it doesn't appear in the Exhausted pile or trigger effects that activate when a card is Exhausted.
  • Echo Form generates a stack of Echo on the turn it is played, however the effect is not activated the first time the card is used, since the stack is generated after the first card of the turn has already been played.
  • If The Defect gets multiple stacks of Echo, each stack affects a single card played from the hand. For instance, with two stacks of Echo, the first and second plays of each turn would each be copied a single time.
  • Playing another Echo Form card in a subsequent turn as the first card will generate two additional stacks of Echo and will not only copy the second card played in this same turn, but also the third card.
  • Copied cards have the exact text of the original card, including upgrades and cumulative effects likeClaw
    andGenetic Algorithm
    . Note that the latter won't increase the strength of the original Genetic Algorithm.

Synergy Edit

  • Echo Form combines a big effect with a big cost. Three Energy is generally an entire turn, and the card has literally no effect when played. Before the card is upgraded, the player doesn't even get to pick which turn to sacrifice!
  • The decision to upgrade Echo Form depends more on whether the card is an integral part of the deck. If so, there's no need to upgrade it as you'll play it as soon as you draw it. If not, deliberately Exhausting Echo Form can be a relevant option in battles that demand efficient plays.
  • When your deck contains Echo Form, select paths that offer many Rest Sites and Events. The Defect will likely take a beating after each Echo Form, and you'll need to recover some health.
  • The strongest cards to Echo Form include:
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