Echo Form is a Power card for The Defect that bestows a powerful card-doubling effect at a high price. As a rare card, Echo Form is generally obtainable as a Boss reward and at high cost from The Merchant. However, it can rarely drop from an Elite or even a normal Monster

Upgrading Echo Form causes it to lose the Ethereal keyword.

Card Effect Edit

Echo Form's printed text only loosely explains its behavior.

A more descriptive effect is that Echo Form causes the first card you play each turn to be played twice unless the enemy dies from the first play. In this case the next card will be doubled instead.

Though the doubled card appears to Exhaust, it does not count for any synergies Exhausting normally does.

Multiple stacks of Echo Form will cause more of your cards per turn to be played twice. (Your first card will not be played three or more times). If the first card you play is another Echo Form, you will have three stacks of Echo Form and two more cards this turn will be played twice.

Interactions Edit

  • After Image
    , A Thousand Cuts
    , Fire Breathing
    : The duplicate card activates each power's respective effects.
  • Claw
    , Rampage
    : Echo Form's second card will use the first card's damage and increase it in Claw's case.
  • Genetic Algorithm
    , Ritual Dagger
    : Echo Form's second card will increase Genetic Algorithm's Block and Ritual Dagger's damage.
  • Although the copied card has the Exhaust visual effects, it doesn't appear in the Exhausted pile or trigger effects that activate when a card is Exhausted.
  • Mayhem
    : Mayhem's card will be doubled.
  • Velvet Choker, Time Eater, Chosen: Echo Form's second card counts towards these objects' respective effects.
  • Blue Candle, Medical Kit: Statuses or Curses played will be doubled, wasting Echo Form.

Synergy Edit

  • Echo Form combines a big effect with a big cost. Three Energy is generally an entire turn, and the card has literally no effect when played. Before the card is upgraded, the player doesn't even get to pick which turn to sacrifice!
  • The decision to upgrade Echo Form depends more on whether the card is an integral part of the deck. If so, there's no need to upgrade it as you'll play it as soon as you draw it. If not, deliberately Exhausting Echo Form can be a relevant option in battles that demand efficient plays.
  • When your deck contains Echo Form, select paths that offer many Rest Sites and Events. The Defect will likely take a beating after each Echo Form, and you'll need to recover some health.
  • The strongest cards to Echo Form include:

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 46: Adrenaline
    • Fix for proper behavior when duplicating cards like Rampage and Genetic Algorithm with effects like Echo Form.
  • Weekly Patch 28: The Ritual
    • Fixed issue where cards stayed after combat with Echo Form or Double Tap.
  • Weekly Patch 23: Testing Continues...
    • Echo Form card nerf: Ethereal. Upgrade removes Ethereal but retains 3 cost.
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