Event - Duplicator

Duplicator is an event that can appears in Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. You encounter a shrine with a power to duplicate a card.


[Pray] Duplicate a card in your deck.

[Leave] Nothing happens.


Before you lies a decorated altar to some ancient entity.
You kneel respectfully. A ghastly mirror image appears from the shrine and collides into you.
You ignore the shrine, confident in your choice.


  • Duplicating an upgraded card results in an upgraded copy.
  • Duplicated copy of Ritual Dagger
    or Genetic Algorithm
    will carry over the value that the card has gained.
  • Duplicated copy of Bottled card will NOT carry over its Bottled status. You are NOT guaranteed to draw a duplicated copy of a Bottled card on your first turn.
    • Duplicated Innate cards still work, since Innate is a keyword that is built into the card.

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Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 7: Setting Up All the Things
    • Fixed issue where bottled cards + Duplication event caused issues.
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