Dual Wield is a Skill card for the Ironclad. It creates a copy of a card in the hand, including its upgrade status and cost reductions. As an Uncommon card, it can be found as a reward after combats.

Upgrading the card creates a second copy of the selected card.


  • If the player's hand is full, the copied card is placed in this discard pile instead of the hand.
  • When copying a Power card, consider discarding the copy instead of playing it. This will allow the player to draw that Power and Dual Wield in future hands and stack up multiple copies of its effect. Remember that playing a Power card attaches it to the character, removing it from future draws. Similarly, discarding one of the copies and Dual Wielding it again later allows you to repeatedly play cards that themselves, such as Reaper
  • Dual Wield doesn't Exhaust itself, allowing the player to repeatedly copy the same card. By Exhausting undesired cards with True Grit
    and other selective Exhausters, the player can create a deck containing nothing but a single powerful card or combo.
  • Copying a "Strike" with Dual Wield increases the power of Perfected Strike
    . Consider copying Perfected Strike
    itself to increase the odds of drawing the powered-up Attack.
  • Dual Wield can copy powerful self-Exhausting cards like Feed
    and Pummel
    so they can be played repeatedly. Consider upgrading Dual Wield so two copies can be played while retaining one copy to Dual Wield again.
  • If the deck relies on jamming the deck full of Dual Wielded cards, prioritize copying the key card as quickly as possible. The more copies of the card are in the deck, the higher chance of the player drawing Dual Wield and the key card in future turns.
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