Double Tap is a Skill card for the Ironclad. It plays the next Attack card this turn a second time, for no Energy. As a Rare card, it can be obtained after defeating a Boss.

Upon upgrade, it will trigger for the 2nd Attack card played in the same turn.

The second play is NOT added to your draw or discard pile.


  • The second play will not cost any Energy, but it will trigger any other consequences of playing the card. For example, a Double Tapped Hemokinesis will trigger the self-damage twice.
  • The second play can trigger any other on-attack effects, such as Rage, Shuriken, Kunai, etc.
  • The second play can trigger any Exhaust synergies, but only if the Attack card exhausts when played.
    • In other words, the Double Tap copy "not going to your discard pile" does NOT count as an Exhaust by itself.
  • The second play DOES count as a played card for Velvet Choker.
    • However, if your Attack is the 6th card played that turn, the Double Tap will still be successfully played afterwards.
  • The second play happens after the Attack is sent to the draw, discard or exhaust piles. This means that the second play of Headbutt can be used to return Headbutt itself to the top of the deck.
    • As the first play of Headbutt can return Double Tap to the deck, using Double Tap with Headbutt allows for consistent damage double that of Headbutt, for 2 Energy per turn.
    • This is best used with Relics that increase Energy permanently such as Sozu, as using 2 Energy with only 3 available leaves little left to defend with.
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