Double Tap is a Skill card for the Ironclad. It plays the next Attack card this turn a second time, for no Energy. As a Rare card, it can be obtained after defeating a Boss.

Upon upgrade, it will trigger for the 2nd Attack card played in the same turn.

The second play is NOT added to your draw or discard pile.


  • The second play will not cost any Energy, but it will trigger any other consequences of playing the card. For example, a Double Tapped Hemokinesis will trigger the self-damage twice.
  • The second play can trigger any other on-attack effects, such as Rage, Shuriken, Kunai, etc.
  • The second play can trigger any Exhaust synergies, but only if the Attack card exhausts when played.
    • In other words, the Double Tap copy "not going to your discard pile" does NOT count as an Exhaust by itself.
  • The second play DOES count as a played card for Velvet Choker.
    • However, if your Attack is the 6th card played that turn, the Double Tap will still be successfully played afterwards.
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