Deprecated Content is content that has been removed from the game and typically replaced by newer, more balanced content. This page is not yet complete.

Image Name Function Replaced By Removal Patch
(OLD) Elixir Potion - Exhaust all Curses and Statuses in your Hand N/A Weekly Patch 10
Discerning Monocle Uncommon Relic - Merchant prices are reduced by 20%. The Courier, Membership Card. Weekly Patch 4
Runic Dodecahedron Uncommon Relic - If your HP is full, gain 1 Energy at the start of each turn. N/A Patch V2.0: The Watcher
Colossus Daily Modifier - Enemies have increased Max HP, but drop higher rarity card rewards. N/A Weekly Patch 48
Restless journey
Restless Journey Daily Modifier - The Player no longer heals to full health when entering new acts. N/A
Time Dilation
Careless Daily Modifier - At the start of your turn, discard the top card of your draw pile. N/A Weekly Patch 49
Uncertain Future
Uncertain Future Daily Modifier - The Map now appears to have all ? rooms. N/A
Brewmaster Daily Modifier - Start the run with White Beast Statue and 5 copies of Alchemize
N/A Weekly Patch 43
Venomology Rare Green Card - cost 1. Poison grows stronger by 1(3) instead of lowering each turn. Noxious Fumes, Alchemize(art) Weekly Patch 6
Allocate Uncommon Blue Card - Cost 1. Gain 1(2) Focus. Lose 1 Strength. Lose 1 Dexterity. Consume Weekly Patch 23
Blaster Uncommon Blue Card - Cost 3. Deal 7(10) damage to ALL enemies. Gain 1 Energy for each Channeled Orb. Exhaust. Compile Driver Weekly Patch 23
Flux Capacitor Uncommon Blue Card - Cost 2(1). Replace all Channeled Orbs with Plasma. Exhaust. Fusion Weekly Patch 23
Reprieve Uncommon Blue Card - Cost 2. If an enemy does not intend to attack, gain 1(2) Focus. N/A Weekly Patch 23
Conserve Battery Common Blue Card - Cost 1. Gain 8(11) Icon Block Block. Energy is conserved for next turn.

(Works similarly to Ice Cream.)

Charge Battery Weekly Patch 28
Nova Rare Blue Card - Cost 1. Deal damage to ALL enemies equal to 3(4) times the number of Powers played this combat.
Lock-On Uncommon Blue Card - Cost 1. Deal 9(12) damage. For the next 2 turns, Lightning and Dark Orbs target this enemy. Bullseye
Undo Uncommon Blue Card - Cost 1(0). Set your HP to what it was last turn. Exhaust. Equilibrium
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