Slay the Spire Wiki

A debuff is a negative ongoing effect given to the character or an enemy by certain Cards, Relics, or Potions.

Debuffs can be negated by the Icon Artifact.png Artifact Buff. OrangePellets.png Orange Pellets will remove all debuff on the character if the player successfully played Attack, Skill, and Power in the same turn.

Debuffs may stack by duration, lasting X turns, or by intensity, applying their effect with X power. Some debuffs do not stack at all.

Shared Debuffs[]

Debuffs that can be found from multiple sources in the game, both in the player's arsenal and from enemies.

Icon Name Effects Stacks?
Icon Confused.png Confused The costs of your cards are randomized on draw, from 0 to 3. No
Dexterity.png Dexterity (Negative) Decreases Icon Block.png Block gained from cards by X. Intensity
Icon StrengthDown.png Dexterity Down At the end of your turn, lose X Icon Dexterity.png Dexterity. Intensity
Icon Focus.png Focus (Negative) Decreases the effectiveness of your Orbs by X. Intensity
Icon Frail.png Frail Icon Block.png Block gained from cards is reduced by 25%. Duration
Icon NoDraw.png No Draw You may not draw any more cards this turn. No
Icon Poison.png Poison At the beginning of its turn, the target loses X HP and 1 stack of Icon Poison.png Poison. Intensity and Duration
Icon Shackled.png Shackled At the end of its turn, regains X Icon Strength.png Strength. Intensity
Icon Slow.png Slow The enemy receives (X*10)% more damage from attacks this turn. Whenever you play a card, increases X by 1. Intensity
Icon Strength.png Strength (Negative) Decreases attack damage by X. Intensity
Icon StrengthDown.png Strength Down At the end of your turn, lose X Icon Strength.png Strength. Intensity
Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable Target takes 50% more damage from attacks. Duration
Icon Weak.png Weak Target deals 25% less attack damage. Duration

Icon Name Target Cards Enemy Other
Icon Confused.png Confused Player Snecko SneckoEye.png Snecko Eye
Dexterity.png Dexterity (Negative) Player Lagavulin, Bear Icon WraithForm.png Wraith Form
Icon StrengthDown.png Dexterity Down Player Yang-0.png Duality, SpeedPotion.png Speed Potion
Icon Focus.png Focus (Negative) Player Reprogram, Hyperbeam Spire Shield Icon Bias.png Bias
Icon Frail.png Frail Player Shame Spike Slime, Spheric Guardian, Shelled Parasite, Snake Plant, Mystic, The Champ, The Collector, Maw, Time Eater (Ascension 19+), Corrupt Heart
Icon NoDraw.png No Draw Player Battle Trance,

Bullet Time

Icon Poison.png Poison Enemy Deadly Poison,

Poisoned Stab, Bouncing Flask, Crippling Cloud, Noxious Fumes, Corpse Explosion, Envenom

TwistedFunnel.png Twisted Funnel, PoisonPotion.png Poison Potion
Icon Shackled.png Shackled Enemy Piercing Wail,

Dark Shackles

Transient's Icon Shifting.png Shifting
Icon Slow.png Slow Enemy Giant Head Time Dilation.pngTime Dilation Modifier
Icon Strength.png Strength (Negative) Enemy Disarm,

Piercing Wail, Malaise, Dark Shackles

Player Lagavulin, Spire Shield
Icon StrengthDown.png Strength Down Player Flex,MutagenicStrength.png Mutagenic Strength SteroidPotion.png Flex Potion
Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable Enemy Bash,

Thunderclap, Uppercut, Shockwave, Terror, Beam Cell, Crush Joints (If used after a Skill card), Indignation (If used while in Wrath)

BagofMarbles.png Bag of Marbles, HandDrill.png Hand Drill (Whenever you break an enemy's Icon Block.png Block). FearPotion.png Fear Potion
Player Berserk Red Slaver, Fungi Beast's Icon SporeCloud.png Spore Cloud, Gremlin Nob, The Guardian, Chosen, Snecko, The Champ, The Collector, Writhing Mass, Time Eater, Corrupt Heart
Icon Weak.png Weak Enemy Clothesline,

Intimidate, Shockwave, Uppercut, Neutralize, Sucker Punch, Crippling Cloud, Leg Sweep, Malaise, Go for the Eyes (If target intends to attack), Sash Whip (If used after an Attack card), Wave of the Hand (Whenever you gain Icon Block.png Block that turn after using it)

RedMask.png Red Mask, ChampionBelt.png Champion Belt (Whenever you apply Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable), WeakPotion.png Weak Potion
Player Doubt Green Louse, Acid Slime, Fat Gremlin, Blue Slaver, The Guardian, Chosen, Snake Plant, The Champ, The Collector, Maw, Writhing Mass, Time Eater, Corrupt Heart GremlinMask.png Gremlin Visage

Unique Debuffs[]

Debuffs that comes from a single source.

Icon Name Target Sources Effects Stacks?
Icon Bias.png Bias Player Biased Cognition At the start of your turn, lose X Icon Focus.png Focus. Intensity
Icon TalktotheHand.png Block Return Enemy Talk to the Hand Whenever you attack this enemy, gain X Icon Block.png Block. Intensity
Icon Choke.png Choked Enemy Choke Whenever you play a card this turn, the targeted enemy loses X HP. Intensity
Icon Restricted.png Constricted Player Spire Growth At the end of your turn, take X damage. Intensity
Icon CorpseExplosion.png Corpse Explosion Enemy Corpse Explosion On death, the enemy deals X times its Max HP worth of damage to all other enemies. Intensity
Icon DrawReduction.png Draw Reduction Player Time Eater Draw 1 less card next X turns. Duration
Icon Entangled.png Entangled Player Red Slaver You may not play any Attacks this turn. No
Icon Fasting.png Fasting Player Fasting Gain X less Energy at the start of each turn. Intensity
Icon Hex.png Hex Player Chosen Whenever you play a non-Attack card, add X Dazed to your draw pile. Intensity
Icon LockDown.png Lock-On Enemy Bullseye Lightning.png Lightning and Dark.png Dark orbs deal 50% more damage (rounded down) to the targeted enemy. Duration
Icon Mark.png Mark Enemy Pressure Points Whenever you play

Pressure Points, all enemy with Mark loses X HP.

Icon NoGuard.png No Block Player Panic Button You may not gain Icon Block.png Block from cards for the next X turns. Duration
Icon WraithForm.png Wraith Form Player Wraith Form Lose X Icon Dexterity.png Dexterity at the start of your turn. Intensity