A debuff is a negative ongoing effect given to the character or an enemy by certain Cards, Relics, or Potions.

Debuffs can be negated by the Artifact Buff.

Debuffs may stack by duration, lasting X turns, or by intensity, applying their effect with X power. Some debuffs do not stack at all.

Icon Name Sources Effects Stacks?
Bias Biased Cognition At the start of your turn, lose X Focus. Intensity
Choke Choke Whenever you play a card this turn, the targeted enemy loses X HP. Intensity
Confused Snecko, Snecko Eye, Snecko Oil Potion The costs of your cards are randomized on draw, from 0 to 3. No
Constricted Spire Growth At the end of your turn, take X damage. Intensity
Corpse Explosion Corpse Explosion On death, the enemy deals X times its Max HP worth of damage to all other enemies. Intensity
Dexterity(negative) Lagavulin, Bear, Wraith Form(indirectly) Decreases Block gained from cards by X. Intensity
Dexterity Down Speed Potions At the end of your turn, lose X Dexterity. Intensity
Draw Reduction Time Eater Draw 1 less card next turn. Duration
Entangled Red Slaver You may not play any Attacks this turn. No
Focus(negative) Biased Cognition(indirectly), Hyperbeam Decreases the effectiveness of your Orbs by X. Intensity
Frail Various enemies, Shame. Block gained from cards is reduced by 25%. Duration
Hex Chosen Whenever you play a non-Attack card, add X Dazed to your draw pile. Intensity
No Draw Bullet Time, Battle Trance You may not draw any more cards this turn. No
No Block Panic Button You may not gain Block from cards for the next X turns. Duration
Poison Various Silent cards, Poison Potion. At the beginning of its turn, the target loses X HP and 1 stack of poison. Intensity
Shackled Piercing Wail, Dark Shackles, Transient At the end of its turn, regains X Strength. Intensity
Slow Giant Head Whenever you play a card, the enemy receives 10% more damage from attacks this turn. Intensity
Strength(negative) Lagavulin, Malaise, Disarm, Piercing Wail, Dark Shackles Decreases attack damage by X. Intensity
Strength Down Steroid Potions, Flex At the end of your turn, lose X Strength. Intensity
Vulnerable Various enemies, Berserk, various cards, Fear Potion Target takes 50% more damage from attacks. Duration
Weak Various enemies, Doubt, Gremlin Visage, various cards, Weak Potion Target deals 25% less attack damage. Duration
Wraith Form Wraith Form Lose X Dexterity at the start of your turn. Intensity
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