Event - Dead Adventurer

Dead Adventurer is an Event from Act 1 that can appear at the 7th floor or higher, The Exordium. The player finds the remains of a fellow traveler slayed by one of the Exordium's Elites. The player can risk a difficult fight for a free Relic, Gold, or both; or safely escape.

The Event's text has a hint about which Elite you'll fight:

This Event gives the player two options:

  • Search: Find Loot. 25/50/75%: Monster returns.
  • Escape

The odds of fighting the Elite begin at 25% and increase by 25% after each search. Searching can reward Gold, a random Relic, or nothing. Each reward only occurs once - if the player's first search found nothing and the second search found the Relic, the third search will either reward Gold or start a battle.

If the player successfully searches three times, the Event will end and the player will not fight the Elite.

Defeating the Elite grants whatever rewards weren't found by Searching. Note that the Elite itself doesn't reward an additional Relic - if you Search and find the Relic, you may want to consider leaving immediately, as the Elite will only reward you with card selection and a score bonus.

There's no penalty for Escaping - the player keeps whatever they Searched up and doesn't fight the Elite.

Strategy Edit

Ignore the odds - consider the Dead Adventurer Event to be an optional Elite fight, and imagine that you'll fight the Elite 100% of the time you press the Search button. If you're confident in your deck and you have plenty of HP, prepare for battle and press the button. You might be pleasantly surprised by a free Relic, but you'll probably fight an Elite for it.

If you can't beat the Elite, but you don't think you can beat the Boss either, you may want to roll the dice anyways. Although the odds of getting a lifesaving Relic for free are extremely low, they're better than a guaranteed loss against the Boss.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that 'Search' might not yield gold nor relics.