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Dead Adventurer is an event found exclusively in Act 1. The player finds the remains of a fellow traveler slayed by one of the Exordium's Elites. The player can risk a difficult fight for a free Relic, Gold, or both; or safely escape.

This event only appears on floor 7 and above.


Numbers in parentheses are for Ascension 15 or higher.

  • [Search] Find Loot. 25% (35%) that an Elite will return to fight you.
    • [Search] can yield:
      • 30 Gold.
      • A random Relic.
      • Nothing.
    • Each reward only occurs once - if the player's first search found nothing and the second search found the Relic, the third search will either reward 30 Gold or start a battle.
    • Each subsequent [Search] increases the chance to encounter an Elite by 25%.
    • If the player successfully [Search] three times without encountering an Elite, the event will end with a short dialogue detailing the success.
  • [Escape] End the search and resume your journey.
    • There is no penalty for choosing [Escaping] - the player keeps whatever they obtained from [Search] and resume their journey.

The Event has a text at the beginning, describing how the unfortunate adventurer was killed. It gives a hint about which Elite you will fight:

  • "...eviscerated and chopped by giant claws." : Lagavulin
    • Unlike its usual Elite battle, Lagavulin doesn't begin Asleep. It instead starts the fight with Siphon Soul.
  • "...scoured by flames." : 3 Sentries
  • "...gouged and trampled by a horned beast." : Gremlin Nob

Defeating the Elite grants whatever rewards not yet found by [Search], in addition to 25-35 gold.

  • Note that the Elite itself doesn't reward an additional Relic if you had already found one from [Search].

Relics that triggers on Elites combat - PreservedInsect.png Preserved Insect, Sling.png Sling of Courage, and SlaversCollar.png Slaver's Collar - also works on Elite combat of this event. The only exception is BlackStar.png Black Star, which has no effect whatsoever in this fight.


You come across a dead adventurer on the floor.
His pants have been stolen! Also, ...
Lagavulin Chance Encounter
...he looks to have been eviscerated and chopped by giant claws.
3 Sentries Chance Encounter
...the armor and face appear to be scoured by flames.
Gremlin Nob Chance Encounter looks as though he's been gouged and trampled by a horned beast.
Though his possessions are still intact, you're in no mind to find out what happened here...
Obtain Gold
You found some gold!
Obtain a Relic
You found a relic!!
Found Nothing
Hmm, couldn't find anything...
Continue searching?
Elite Encounter
While searching the adventurer you are caught off guard!
3 Successful Searches
Looks like you searched all his belongings without a hitch!
You exit without a sound.


Keep in mind that there is a chance that [Search] might not yield gold or relics.

Ignore the odds - consider the Dead Adventurer Event to be an optional Elite fight, and imagine that you'll fight the Elite 100% of the time you press the [Search] button. If you're confident in your deck and you have plenty of HP, prepare for battle and press the button. You might be pleasantly surprised by a free Relic, but you could also be fighting an Elite for it.

If you obtained a Relic from, [Search], consider leaving immediately, as the Elite will only reward you with some gold, card selection, and a score bonus.

The Lagavulin fight spawned from this event is much more deadly than normal, as it does not begin asleep and will immediately use Siphon Soul. If your deck does not have a reliable damage source outside of normal attacks, this fight will cause you to lose a huge amount health, especially on high ascension levels.

If you can't beat the Elite, but you don't think you can beat the Boss either, you may want to roll the dice anyway. Although the odds of getting a lifesaving Relic for free are extremely low, they're better than a guaranteed loss against the Boss.


  • The dead adventurer has an internal name of "Nopants".


Update History[]

  • Weekly Patch 49: The Designer
    • Fixed Dead Adventurer event was not giving the gold correctly (just showing the effect).
  • Weekly Patch 46: Adrenaline
    • Preserved Insect and Sling should now work in all elite combats including elite battles from events (like dead adventurer event).
  • Weekly Patch 39: We Meet Again!
    • Minor dialog improvement for Dead Adventurer event.
  • Weekly Patch 34: Malaise
    • Gold gain effect from things like Dead Adventurer is now a localizeable string.
  • Weekly Patch 5: Happy Holidays!
    • Fixed a new line character placed incorrectly for dead adventurer's event.
  • Weekly Patch 2: Slimes!
    • Dead Adventurer event can now only appear on floor 7 and above.



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