Dazed is a status card. It can be added to your deck through the attacks of various monsters, some cards, and debuffs.

Sources of Dazed Edit

Interactions Edit

  • Evolve: Draw 1 more card for each Dazed you draw. Stacking Evolves can allow you to draw 2 more cards when you draw a Dazed, potentially making Dazed actively beneficial. Can still lead to a hand of 10 dazed, however.
  • Exhaust synergies can use Dazed as exhaust fuel. In addition, any effects you may gain from exhausting a card are fulfilled at the end of the turn, since Dazed is Ethereal.
  • Medical Kit allows Dazed to be played and exhausted for no penalty, though they already exhaust at the end of your turn.

Notes Edit

  • Thanks to the Ethereal keyword, Dazed cards can be exhausted without the help of other cards. To take advantage of this, simply have the Dazed card in hand at the end of your turn. Only Dazed cards that end the turn in your hand will be exhausted. If you Discard a copy of Dazed, it will remain in your discard pile and will not be exhausted.
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