Custom seed are special seeds that let you add modifiers to a run.

  • 1HITW0NDER Can you beat the game with 1 Max HP?
  • CURSED custom seed to enable Cursed Run Mod.
  • DRAFT will activate the draft daily mod.
  • FADEAWAY activates Night Terrors and Terminal. Can you beat the game before running out of HP?
  • INCEPTI0N Start with Unceasing Top _(it's a dream come true!)_
  • M0RECARDS custom seed to enable Hoarder Mod.
  • MEGADRAFT will activate Diverse and Draft daily mods. Letting you draft from every characters' cards.
  • MYTRUEFORM You're a Demon! You're a Wraith! You Echo... echo echo. Start with one of each 'Form' card.
  • PRAISESNECK0 Will replace your starting relic with Snecko Eye.
  • RAND0MM0DS or DAILYM0DS will let you do new daily-style runs.
  • STARTERDECK Will give you Busted Crown and Binary (Meaning enemies drop 0 cards. Can you win with the starter deck??)
  • Y0URET00SL0W Will activate the Time Dilation daily mod, giving all enemies Slow.