Custom mode

Custom Mode is a game mode unlocked by playing a Daily Climb. It allows the player to choose any number of custom modifiers, including Daily modifiers, to their run. It also allows them to customize Seed, Character and Ascension levels beyond those unlocked.

Playing on Custom Mode disables Achievements and the Leaderboards.

Mods on the table below with a * next to them are Daily mods and may be selected for Daily Challenges.

Modifier Effects Notes
Daily Mods Embark on a run with exactly 3 random Daily Mods. Overrides other mods.
Draft* Draft a starting deck of cards. The draft consists of 15 choices of 3 cards each that must be chosen in order. These choices are unaffected by Busted Crown and Binary. Mutually exclusive with Sealed Deck.
Sealed Deck* Craft a deck from 30 random cards. Similar to Draft, except the game presents 30 cards and you must pick 10 of them to create your deck. Mutually exclusive with Draft.
Endless Winning will return you to Act 1 with the same deck. But beware, the blight consumes all... Puts the game on repeat, and Neow will grant blights to make the game harder.
Blight Chests Boss chests contain blights after beating Act 3 on Endless. -
Hoarder* Whenever you add a card to your deck, add two additional copies. You can no longer remove cards from your deck at the Merchant. Transformed cards will produce 3 of the card they transform into, and curses will be added 3 at a time. Mind Blast becomes very powerful.
Insanity* Start with a random deck of 50 cards. -
Chimera* Your starting deck is a fusion of 3 characters. Start with Bash, Survivor, Zap, and one of each colored Strike and Defend.
Praise Snecko Replaces your starting relic with Snecko Eye. Works with other modifiers that replace your starting relic.
Shiny* Starting deck is replaced with 1 of every rare card. Grants 1 of each of your character's rare cards. Does NOT work with the "Cards" modifiers or Diverse.
Specialized* Start with 5 copies of a single card. The card is a random card. Works with the "Cards" modifiers and Diverse.
Vintage* Normal Enemies drop relics instead of cards. Elites and Bosses will still drop cards.
Controlled Chaos* Start with Frozen Eye. At the start of your turn, add 10 random cards to the bottom of your draw pile. -
Inception Replaces your starting relic with Unceasing Top. Works with other modifiers that replace your starting relic.
All Star* Start with 5 colorless cards. The cards may be different and have random rarities.
Diverse* Cards are not restricted by your character. Grants an Orb Slot to the Ironclad and the Silent.
Red Cards* Red cards now appear in rewards and shops. Affects Sealed Deck, Draft, and Insanity.
Green Cards* Green cards now appear in rewards and shops. Affects Sealed Deck, Draft, and Insanity.
Blue Cards* Blue cards now appear in rewards and shops. Affects Sealed Deck, Draft, and Insanity.
Colorless Cards* Colorless cards now appear in rewards. Affects Sealed Deck, Draft, and Insanity. Additionally, Colorless Cards may be sold on the top row of the Shop screen.
Heirloom* Start with 1 Rare relic. Unlike other modifiers that give you a relic, this does not replace your starting relic.
Time Dilation* All enemies start with the Slow debuff. Enemies with Artifact and Giant Head are unaffected.
Flight* You may ignore paths when choosing the next room to travel to. Functions similarly to Wing Boots, but with infinite charges.
My True Form Start with a copy of Demon Form, Wraith Form, and Echo Form. -
Deadly Events* ? rooms can now contain Elites but are also more likely to contain Treasure rooms.
Binary* Card rewards contain only 2 cards. Question Card reverts rewards to 3 cards.
One Hit Wonder Start the game with 1 max HP. Max HP cannot be lowered below 1 max HP.
Cursed Run* Whenever you defeat a Boss, become Cursed. Your starting relic is replaced by Cursed Key, Darkstone Periapt, and Du-Vu Doll. -
Big Game Hunter* Elites are now swarming the Spire and drop better rewards. Elites will appear more often and always drop Rare cards.
Lethality* You start each combat with +3 Strength. All enemies start each combat with +3 Strength. -
Midas* Enemies drop 200% more Gold, but you cannot upgrade cards at Rest Sites. Fusion Hammer has no downside with this enabled.
Night Terrors* Resting at Rest Sites heals 100% of your HP, but costs 5 max HP. This makes Regal Pillow useless.
Terminal* Whenever you enter a new room, lose 1 max HP. Start each combat with 5 Plated Armor. Max HP cannot be lowered below 1.
Certain Future* The map contains only one path. Makes the Flight modifier useless.
Starter Deck Start with Busted Crown and Binary, so enemies no longer drop cards. Busted Crown does not replace your starter relic.

Removed Modifiers Edit

These modifiers are no longer in the game.

Modifier Effects Notes
Uncertain Future* The map now only shows ? rooms. -
Brewmaster* Start with White Beast Statue and 5 copies of Alchemize. Does not remove your starting relic.
Careless* At the beginning of your turn, discard the top card of your draw pile. -
Colossus* Enemies now have more HP but drop better rewards. Enemies would drop more Uncommon and Rare cards, but had significantly higher HP.