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Cursed Tome is an event encountered in the 2nd Act of Slay the Spire. Tungsten Rod applies to the HP loss, which can make getting the relic a better option.

Overall, your choices are:

  • Lose 9 HP
  • Lose 16 HP (Ascension 15: Lose 21 HP), gain a relic.

Event progress[edit | edit source]

"In an abandoned temple, you find a giant book, open, riddled with cryptic writings. As you try to interpret the elaborate script, it begins to shift and morph into writing you are familiar with."



When reading:

"Odd. The book seems to be about an Ancient named Neow.

This piques your interest, but you have a general feeling of malaise."

[Continue] Lose 1 HP.

"The Ancient of resurrection, Neow, was exiled to the bottom of the Spire.

You feel compelled to read more, but your body begins to ache."

[Continue] Lose 2 HP.

"Seeking vengeance, Neow blesses outsiders, using them for her own purposes.

You are starting feel very weak and tired."

[Continue] Lose 3 HP.

"Those resurrected by Neow remember only fragments of their past selves, cursed to fight for eternity.

As you near the final page, your old wounds begin to reopen!"

[Take] Obtain the Book. Lose 10 HP (Ascension 15: Lose 15 HP).

[Stop] Lose 3 HP.

Obtainable Relics[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Adding page turn SFX to Cursed Tome event.
  • Weekly Patch 17: Patched in the Face
    • Seeds utilized for several events for consistent outcomes: Accursed Blacksmith, Cursed Tome, Scrap Ooze, N'loth.
  • Weekly Patch 16: Back to Work
    • Cursed Tome Event now uses reward screen for the earned book relic (optional pickup).
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