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Crowbot was originally a planned 3rd character. It was located in the game's files as a sprite of a robotic-looking blue robot, similar in design to the Cultist.

Fans of the game theorized it would be the third character since it was found, as it seemed to fit the colour order of "red/green/blue" that already existed with the Ironclad and the Silent. Crowbot was theorized by the community to have mechanical abilities, a colour scheme of blue, and a large number of powers.

In an interview with one of the developers, Crowbot was confirmed to have been the planned third character. It was supposed to have a "mana" system to play cards instead of an energy system. During testing, the idea fell flat and the character was scrapped. The developers then began on a "gunner" character which eventually led to the Defect.

Afterwards, the third Character The Defect was added into the game's Beta branch in an update on April 26, 2018.