A Chest is something the player can open to obtain relics, gold, or potions. The middle floor in an act will always contain a chest.

There are two different types of chests.

Boss Chest Edit

A boss chest can only be found after completing a boss fight, and will allow the player a choice of one out of three Boss Relics. They can be skipped, but doing so is not ideal, as Boss Relics are very powerful.


Normal Chest Edit

Normal chests can be found during events, or at the special designated chest room on the map. These chests will give the player one relic from the Common, Uncommon or Rare relic pool. They will also have a chance to give the player a certain amount of gold, and occasionally a potion.

There are 3 variations of normal chests, each with their own chances of appearance and rewards gained:

Small Chests: 50% chance. Edit

  • Common Relic: 75% chance.
  • Uncommon Relic: 25% chance
  • 23 to 27 gold: 50% chance

Medium Chests: 33% chance. Edit

  • Common Relic: 35% chance
  • Uncommon Relic: 50% chance
  • Rare Relic: 15% chance
  • 45 to 55 gold: 35% chance

Large Chests: 17% chance. Edit

  • Uncommon Relic: 75% chance
  • Rare Relic: 25% chance
  • 68 to 82 gold: 50% chance

The following relics will interact with Normal Chests:

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