Relics are passive upgrades that can be found or purchased throughout the game. Outside of the starter relics, which are unique to each class, there are 6 main categories of relics.

Standard Relics Edit

Common Relics, Uncommon Relics, and Rare Relics are the 3 categories of relics which can be found in chests and after fighting elite enemies. These relics get progressively more powerful, and never come with a downside.

Common Relics are straightforward, minor upgrades to your character, such as +1 strength, choose and upgrade a skill or Non-Boss chests now also contain cards.

Uncommon Relics are usually more powerful than Common Relics, but usually need to be activated; either by playing a certain number of cards, losing hp, etc. Examples include every time you play 3 attacks in a single turn, gain 1 strength, whenever you play a Power, a random card in your hand costs 0 for the turn, whenever you discard a card, gain 3 block, etc. There are more direct upgrades as well, such as raise your Max HP by 10, though these are exceptions when compared to the majority of uncommon relics.

Rare Relics are the most powerful of the 3 standard relics, and can carry runs on their own when used effectively. Rare relics don't usually need to be activated in the same way as Uncommon Relics, but they do usually require some planing to take full advantage of their effects. Examples include when viewing your Draw Pile, the cards are now shown in order, Energy is now conserved between turns, and while your HP is at or below 50%, you have 3 additional strength.

Other Relics Edit

There are some relics which cannot be found in chests or after elites. These relics are either Boss Relics, Event Relics, or Shop Relics.

Boss Relics can be found after successfully defeating a boss. Boss Relics are typically quite powerful, however many come with downsides to compensate. Examples include Max HP is lowered by 20%, whenever you lose HP, draw 1 card, draw 2 additional cards each turn, start each combat confused, and gain energy at the start of each turn, you cannot play more than 6 cards per turn.

Not all boss relics have downsides though, such as elites now drop 2 relics when defeated, and obtain 1 potion, gain 30 gold, raise your max hp by 5, obtain 1 card.

Event Relics can only be found after completing certain events on ? tiles. Each event has a limited pool of relics that it chooses from (usually 1), and will not give any other relics. Examples include the Golden Idol (Event), which only ever gives the Golden Idol.

Shop Relics are relics which can only be found for purchased in the shop. Keep in mind the shop sells both Shop Relics and Standard Relics.

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