Card Rewards are a type of reward that the player receives after defeating an enemy, elite, or boss. Each card reward allows the player to choose one of three cards, but the player can also skip the card reward altogether. Card rewards are the main way of adding cards to your deck.

When a card reward is generated, each card is determined independently, one after the other. However, the cards in a card reward are never the same. For each card, the game first decides its rarity. Then it randomly selects a card that has that rarity. Since different characters have slightly different numbers of basic, common, uncommon, and rare cards, the exact chance of a card appearing depends both on the chance of that rarity appearing and the number of cards of that rarity in the card pool.

Card Rarity[edit | edit source]

The chance that a card reward generates a card of a given rarity depends on what type of encounter the player just completed. Elite card rewards contain more uncommon and rare cards than normal card rewards, and boss card rewards have exclusively rare cards. The odds are also adjusted depending on how long the player has gone without seeing a rare in a card reward.

The base rarity chances are as follows:

Normal Combats Elite Combats Boss Combats Shop*
Rare 3% 10% 100% 9%
Uncommon 37% 40% 0% 37%
Common 60% 50% 0% 54%

*Shop chances are shown for comparison, Shops do not generate cards in the same way as card rewards.

These base rarity chances are offset based on a special percentage. This number starts at -5%, and it increases by 1% every time a common card is rolled. Whenever a rare card is rolled, it is reset back to -5%. This number maxes out at +40%. Note that only rolls for card rewards can cause a change to this offset.

  • When the offset is negative, it decreases the chance that a rare card is chosen. If it is greater than the base rare chance, it will start to decrease base uncommon chance instead. A negative offset increases the common card chance, so that everything adds to 100%.
  • When the offset is positive, it decreases the chance that a common card is rolled, and increases a chance that a rare card is rolled instead. Again, this guarantees that the chances sum to 100%.

While the card reward offset does not affect boss card rewards (which guarantee rare cards no matter what), the fact that rare cards are rolled actually does reset the offset to -5%.

However, the card rarity offset works the other way when it comes to the other times that the game has to determine a rarity for a card. An example of this is the merchant; while the shop cards are impacted by the card rarity offset, they do not change the offset, since it is not technically a card reward.

Upgraded Cards[edit | edit source]

Whether or not a card is upgraded in a card reward is dependent on what act the player is in. Only common and uncommon cards can be upgraded this way, rare cards are never upgraded via random chance.

The chances that a card is upgraded are shown below:

Act 1 Act 2 Act 3
Normal 100% 75% 50%
Upgraded 0% 25% 50%

On Ascension 12 and beyond, the chances that a card is upgraded on the card reward screen is cut in half.

The chances for Ascension 12+ are:

Act 1 Act 2 Act 3
Normal 100% 87.5% 75%
Upgraded 0% 12.5% 25%

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

  • DreamCatcher.png Dream Catcher - allows you to receive a card reward when you rest at a Rest Site. The card reward acts as one from a normal monster fight.
  • QuestionCard.png Question Card - causes card rewards to include an additional card.
  • BustedCrown.png Busted Crown - causes card rewards to include two fewer cards.
  • SingingBowl.png Singing Bowl - allows the player to gain two max HP instead of choosing a card for card rewards.
  • TinyHouse.png Tiny House - causes you to immediately receive a card reward. The chances are the same as those from a normal fight.
  • Orrery.png Orrery - causes you to immediately receive 5 card rewards. The chances are the same as those from a normal fight.
  • PrismaticShard.png Prismatic Shard - causes card rewards to contain cards from every color, including colorless cards.
  • FrozenEgg2.png Frozen Egg, MoltenEgg2.png Molten Egg, ToxicEgg2.png Toxic Egg - cause powers, attacks, and skills (respectively) to be upgraded in card rewards. These relics can allow rare cards to be upgraded, unlike in normal card rewards.
  • NlothsGift.png N'loth's Gift - triples the chance of receiving rare cards from card rewards.
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