Calm stance selection when Stance Potion is used

Calm is one of the four stances of the Watcher. The others are Wrath, Divinity, and Empty.

Upon exiting this stance, gain PurpleEnergy.pngPurpleEnergy.png.

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Cards[edit | edit source]

These cards allow you to enter Calm:

This card has interaction specifically for Calm:

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Tear drop locket.png Teardrop Locket: Start each combat in Calm.
  • Violet lotus.png Violet Lotus: Whenever you exit Calm, gain an additional PurpleEnergy.png, effectively causes Calm to generate PurpleEnergy.pngPurpleEnergy.pngPurpleEnergy.png upon exiting.
  • StancePotion.png Stance Potion: Gives you a choice to enter Calm.
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