Burn is an unplayable Status card. Burns can be added to your draw pile or discard pile during a game by some enemies such as the Orb Walker. Unlike other Status cards, Burn does have an upgraded version. Burn+ is created by the Hexaghost boss as part of several of its attacks.

Burn deals damage to you immediately upon ending your turn. As Burn deals damage instead of inflicting loss of life directly, it can be blocked. Only Burn cards in your hand at the end of the turn will deal damage to you, so if you can remove it from your hand before the end of turn (Perhaps by discarding or exhausting it), it will have no effect.

Burn Sources Edit

Burn+ Sources Edit

Interactions Edit

  • Evolve: Draw 1 more card for each Burn you draw. Stacking Evolves can allow you to draw 2 more cards when you draw a Burn. Can still lead to a hand of 10 burns.
  • Exhaust synergies can use Burns as exhaust fuel.
  • Medical Kit allows Burns to be played and exhausted for no penalty.
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