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  • Taking full advantage of Bullet Time requires more thought and effort than it might seem at first. The key thing to remember is that Bullet Time itself takes up a slot in any hand you draw it into, and does nothing but let you play the remaining cards. Furthermore, unlike with generic energy-gain cards, cards that draw other cards must be played before Bullet Time itself.
  • If you're just drawing five cards a turn, Bullet Time will let you play four of them; if you already have an Energy relic, and most of your cards are cost 1 or 0, Bullet Time will be completely useless (no better than a Curse) every time it's drawn. For it to be useful, the total cost of the other cards worth playing in your hand has to be higher than your energy limit. In a normal deck that hasn't been intentionally built around it, this happens less frequently than you would expect.
    • Alternatively, instead of running a High-Cost Deck, you must at least ensure you have enough Card Draws that you can play before Bullet Time consistently, specifically Acrobatics or Backflip. This requires either a Fourth Energy from the aforementioned Energy Relic, or an upgraded Bullet Time that costs 2. Other Card Draws such as Prepared or Tools of the Trade isn't necessarily sufficient because having them doesn't let you draw more cards than you would have otherwise when you don't add them to the deck, due to the amount of cards they discard being the same as you draw. While Escape Plan only replaces itself with occasional block and doesn't help you draw more cards for Bullet Time.
  • Therefore, the decks that want it are ones with lots of high-cost cards and few cards that cost 0 or even 1. It's also more valuable if you've made it to the late game and still haven't found any energy relics, forcing you to accomplish as much as you can with your starting 3.
  • Curses and Statuses can weaken Bullet Time further; any deck that uses it is going to be vulnerable to them.


  • Bullet Time is extremely useful with SneckoEye.png Snecko Eye, since the extra draw and random costs increase the chance that it will let you play more than you could have otherwise; it also provides a degree of protection from bad cost rolls, since you'll always be able to play it and then the other six cards in your hand. And since Snecko Eye will often reduce its cost below 3, it can still be paired with some draw in that case as long as you play the draw cards first.
  • WristBlade.png Wrist Blade - Bullet Time makes all of your attacks cost 0, and therefore they all get the bonus damage from Wrist Blade
  • RunicPyramid.png Runic Pyramid - Keeping the cards that weren't played last turn means often having a full or nearly-full hand.


  • Bullet Time's draw-prevention is a debuff and can be canceled with Icon Artifact.png Artifact or removed with OrangePellets.png Orange Pellets.
  • Bullet Time does not prevent you from generating cards through DeadBranch.png Dead Branch's effect or through Shiv cards.

Update History[]

  • Patch V2.0: The Watcher
    • Fixed Escape Plan gaining Block when card drawn is blocked by No Draw power.
  • Weekly Patch 33: Terror
    • No Draw power now counts as a debuff.
  • Weekly Patch 5: Happy Holidays!
    • Bullet Time now affects all cards currently in hand, works with Madness, and no longer applies a Power to you.
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