The Bronze Automaton is a Boss fought in Act 2 of the Spire. It spawns minions to steal the players' cards and uses a powerful move called Hyper Beam to attempt to kill the player. Depending on which cards the orbs steal, this fight can be very dangerous.

Pattern Edit

1. Spawn Orbs

2. Flail

3. Boost

4. Flail

5. Boost


7. Stunned! (Does nothing)(On Ascension 19 and higher, uses Boost instead)

8. Repeat 2 to 8.

Name Intent Effect Asc 4+
Spawn Orbs Intent - Unknown Spawns 2 Bronze Orbs. Spawns 2 Bronze Orbs.
Boost Intent - Buff - Defend Gain 3 Strength and 9 Block. Gain 4 Strength and 12 Block.
Flail Intent - Aggressive - Sword Deals 7 x 2 damage. Deals 8 x 2 damage.
HYPER BEAM Intent - Attack - Sickle Deals 45 damage. Deals 50 damage.

Bronze Orb Edit

Pattern Edit

Has a 75% chance of using Stasis, 7.5% chance of using Beam and 17.5% chance of using Support Beam every turn.

After Stasis is used, will now have a 70% chance of using Support Beam and a 30% chance of using Beam every turn. It cannot use the same move 3 times in a row.

Destroying a Bronze Orb that has stolen a card from you via Stasis will return the card into your hand.

Name Intent Effect
Stasis Debuff2 Steals the rarest card in the draw pile, or from the discard pile if the draw pile is empty.
Beam Attack Intent 2 Deals 8 damage.
Support Beam Defend Gives Bronze Automaton 12 Block.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hyper Beam attack is a reference to the Pokémon games, in which Hyper Beam is one of the strongest moves in existence, after which the user also has to skip the next turn to recharge.